On the fence about joining up with Switzerland’s first and largest customer-restaurant platform? Here’s something to help you make up your mind. is Switzerland’s first and largest online market place for customer-restaurant discovery. It is exactly what it sounds like, a market place that easily and seamlessly links your restaurant to any customer searching for you. So what happens when you sign up? Once you sign up with us, we will provide you with a microsite that customers can use to order your delicious meals. What’s more, we also put you out there on our Android and iPhone apps, meaning that your business will be exposed on both mobile platforms. Of course, this is just the initial step. The stuff you’ll get the second you sign up with us, meaning that there is a huge lot more to come right after. Forget having to hire web and mobile developers, or someone to help you with your marketing. Forget having to go around deciding on the best ad campaigns to promote your business. In fact, forget everything and focus solely on preparing meals that make your customers swoon with delight, we’ll handle everything else.

Joining up with us is really simple, just ask the 1900+ restaurants that are already on board with us.

What kind of restaurants are on Just Eat?
Every single kind! From counter-service takeaways to dine-ins, we’ve got it all. Whatever type of business you have, big or small, new or old, we’re always open to you. My point is, once you sign up with us, you don't have to change to suit our needs because we will change to suit yours. I mean, we’ve certainly had the experience! We don’t have a one size fits it all equation that we use on every restaurant. An equation like that doesn’t exist, and even if it did, we won’t be using it. While every restaurant has its similarities, they also have their differences. Differences that give them an equal chance at succeeding as well as failing.

Throughout the years, we have amassed a huge amount of data on all the different regions of Switzerland. Considering all the historical data available to us, we know exactly what you need to do in order to succeed. If you started big, then the steps you need to grow bigger are different to the steps you need to take if you started small. We have identified what this difference is, so if you’re feeling any doubt about joining us, then don’t! We’ve got you covered on all points.

We're already busy – should I still sign up?
If you’re already busy, then congratulations, you’re already halfway there. But what exactly are you busy with? Since you are a restaurant, your only real job should be making tongue-melting meals. But you probably also spend a veritable amount of time handling customer orders, then handling the queries of those customers -like: where is my order? can I cancel my order? I forgot to add a product!- something we could easily do for you, with no effort on your part. You would also be spending a lot of time devising strategies to better improve your profits, strategies we could give you advice on using our analytics and data.

So if you’re feeling busy now, partnering with us might very well make you much less busy, since your only priority would be to do the thing you love: make food.

Restaurants partnered with us save an average of 19 working days a year (that’s more than a day a month for a well deserve extra-long weekend), and if you still feel that you’re too busy, you can simply take your restaurant temporarily offline in a few taps with our Partner Centre.

What do I get for my commission?
It’s going for a good cause… yourself! The commission you pay us is directly reinvested into targeted marketing campaigns and other innovations that will help you get more orders in the long run. You will also get additional value added to your restaurant as our partner, and have access to exclusive deals and partner-only discounts on restaurant essentials and menu printing. On average, we spend around 1.000 CHF per year per restaurant solely on marketing campaigns, but it’s even bigger offline, where we spend around 1.500 CHF on events, trams, radio, T.V, and out of home advertisement to drive orders into our platform and subsequently into your restaurant. We invest in you!

I already have a website. Why do I need you?
Because you will have 30% of Switzerland as our customer base the second you sign up with us! It’s true, 3 in every 10 people in Switzerland alone used last year. This level of exposure is something that will take a very long time for your restaurant website to reach. Plus, it isn’t just the website. The microsite we provide you with is a very tiny piece of the pie. The full pie that you receive will be much, much, bigger. So just give us a shot, call us!

Are you ready to become part of the community?


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