Ready to go old school with your marketing? Try talking to people

They say talking is a waste of breath, but what they don’t tell you is the great marketing you can do with it!

When a bunch of friends get together to decide where to eat, how do they make that decision? What about a family, deciding on where to eat for the night? Sure, if none of them has a very good idea about the restaurants around them, they might take their search on to Google, but how often does that really happen?

I’m not saying that exposing your business on Google and Google maps is unimportant. In fact, not doing this is a huge mistake, since people who aren’t local to the area wouldn’t be able to find your restaurant. I’m just saying that when people meet up and decide to find a place to eat, they will most likely come to a final decision based on each other’s recommendations. If your restaurant happens to be on that list of recommendations, then the chances of your customer base going up increases rapidly.

Despite all the new forms of marketing that have popped up, such as ad campaigns, virtual tours, and all the other forms of digital advertisement, there is still one huge channel of marketing that can easily contend with them all, but one which people also tend to ignore quite a lot; word of mouth.

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk in the final hours of your workday, deciding on the best place for you to have dinner. You’ll probably start searching online for “restaurants near me”. During your quest for a great restaurant, your co-worker comes along and says “if you want some great food, I know this place down the street that makes the best tacos humanity has ever seen”, or something along those lines. At this point, your search would stop instantly. Your mind would be perfectly made up on where you will be eating that night. Your colleagues’ recommendation trumps all.

Since people tend to trust the decisions made by people they know, this makes it a terrific marketing tool, and the best way to implement this tool would be via loyal customers.

But if you just started out, you may not exactly have an extensive list of loyal customers, since gaining customer loyalty takes time and patience. So what can you do to ensure that your restaurant gets all the word of mouth recommendations it deserves?

It only takes one visit. Just one. If you can give your customer an out-of-this-world experience the very first time he orders from you, he’ll very quickly start recommending your restaurant to his friends. Want to help him solidify his decision about your restaurant being recommendation-worthy? Give him vouchers! Something along the lines of “get 10% off on your next meal when dining with a group of four or more”. Unsure what the content of your vouchers should be? Just contact us, and we’ll get you all the information you need to create the most enticing vouchers. We have collected and analysed data from all parts of Switzerland and can use this data to help you decide all the hard parts of your voucher, from what percentage you need to set your discount to how many people you should give the discount to.

Next, do you have a friends and family discount? If you do, you can simply talk to your friends and family, and invite them to your restaurant. Then they’ll start talking about your restaurant to their friends, who will mention your restaurant to their friends, and with the right technique, you can ensure that your restaurants' name gets spread all over Switzerland.

But it’s not just your friends, you can rely on your employees too! Give your employees an employee discount, and encourage them to invite their friends and family over. Try attracting customers from their circles, because more the circles, the better for your business.

Finally, go online. If you have social media pages, post regularly. Take pictures of the food you create and upload them on Instagram, tweet about the evening discount you’re giving. If you don’t have quite a large number of followers, don’t worry, we do. Just tag us, and well get your pictures across to our followers. There are simply so many methods of utilising this powerful tool, so why not use it? Just call us!

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