prioritizing online customers

Which customers are the most important when it comes to helping your restaurant grow? Consider it all!

If your restaurant is registered with us, then you have undoubtedly gotten more than just a couple of orders from online customers. So, with orders coming in over the Internet and over the phone, how do you decide which customers to give the most priority to?

For starters, you have to remember that every customer is very important. This is because every customer has a chance of becoming a loyal customer, but does this mean you should give every customer the same priority?


Not really, our research shows that you most probably shouldn’t. Instead of going for an equal-priority system, try to decide which customers can bring in more business and increase your profits, then change your business model to serve those customers better than usual.

Figuring out which customers are the most profitable is not an easy task, and will require a lot of historical data. So unless you have an extensive history on which customers ordered using which method, and if they were or were not repeat customers, then it may be hard to come to a decision. But no worries, we are here to help! At, we have been working with restaurants for a very long time, and have researched all aspects of the business. By taking historical data of all our affiliated restaurants, we have managed to build up more than enough historical data to come to a decision on which customers should be your best customers. To do this, we compared our data across multiple restaurants and applied a couple of calculations to come across a reliable format to decide how prioritising customers can affect your restaurant.

One thing we noticed is that online customers tend to be more loyal than over the phone customers. Our statistics show that 60% of your online customers are more likely to reorder from you if they’re happy with the delivery, and around 10% of the time they are likely to leave a good review. It’s a no-brainer. Think about it. If a customer decided to order over the phone, it means that the customer never went over your website to check it out. So it would follow that once the customer has eaten your food, no matter how delicious it is, it is very unlikely that the customer will specifically go online searching for your restaurant in order to leave you a review.

But that’s not the case when a customer orders from your restaurant via Two hours after the order is completed, we send an email to the customer with a link that lets him rate and review your restaurant. When a link is handed to them on a platter, customers are much more likely to go ahead and give your restaurant a rating, since they don’t have to go searching for it. If your food is good, they will give you a good review, and the more good reviews you have, the more business you get.

But this also works both ways. If you have terrible food, the customer might end up giving you a bad review, which in turn will lower your sales and hurt your online reputation, making it difficult to attract new customers. So if your food isn’t that great, maybe prioritising your over the phone customers make sense.

But is reviewing so important? According to research, yes. More than half of the customers who order online usually check out what other people had to say about the food before going ahead and ordering themselves. Basically summed up, if you have good food, but prioritise your over the phone customers, it's not going to help you attract more customers since they don't give any feedback on your food. So if you have good food, then it’s easy to deduce that you online customers are a little more important than your over the phone customers.

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