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Growing as a business is hard, right? Wrong! Growing is easy, you probably just need some guidance.

When someone says “growing your business”, what do you think of immediately as a Restaurant Owner? A bigger restaurant? More tables? More chairs? Perhaps a larger staff with more cooks, waiters, cashiers, and managers? Yes, these are generally things that indicate that a business is “growing”.

For example, take a restaurant from the 15th century. If that restaurant had more people cooking food, more people serving the food, a bigger space and more benches to sit on, this is a place that we would consider successful, compare to a little restaurant next door with its three tables and two chairs. Of course, back in the 15th century, it would have been correct to assume that the restaurant with more tables and room would be more successful than a little restaurant. This is the same theory that has carried down all the way to the 21st century, where people generally think that your restaurant has to get bigger if you want to grow.

Now, I’m not saying that they are wrong. If you have the money to go around expanding your restaurant and you have the demand base, go ahead. But does growing have to be linked to more restaurant room and tables? I mean, good people don’t come cheap these days, and neither do good chairs, tables, and any other material you require to renovate your restaurant. Taking all this into consideration, regardless of whether you are already a big restaurant or not, you might be tempted to think that if you don’t have the capital to make your restaurant bigger, it means that your restaurant has hit a brick wall and doesn’t have room to grow.

Relax. That’s a mile and a half away from the truth.

The truth is, this isn’t the 15th century anymore. Everyone has a smartphone these days that allows them to access almost anything from anywhere. The world around us is tailor-made to fit our needs, and we don’t die of easily curable diseases. So in an advanced time like this, why grow in the old fashioned way?

Just take Amazon into consideration, the largest retailer in the world. What was their #1 method of going from a tiny office to a fortune 500 company? The internet. Next, take the largest hotel chain, AirBnB. How did it grow? Yep, the internet. In this day and age, growing doesn’t necessarily mean more tables and chairs. It simply means having more ways to increase your profit.

And what better way to do it other than using the power of the internet?

The internet has a huge pool of customers in it, and if you’re not utilizing that pool, you’re losing out. A lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that taking your business online is a substitute for floor space. Rather, it is more of an additional method of income. Sure, you can go right ahead and add more tables and chairs to increase your in-store customer base, all while also increasing your online user base by handling online orders. This is not to say that these two things are completely separate. If anything, exposing your business online is bound to increase your local presence, which in turn is bound to generate more in-store traffic. A win-win situation.

So there you go, this is what we can offer you. When you sign up with us, you automatically get introduced to our extensive user base and your restaurant gets exposed online, which takes your restaurant from the street and squarely places it in the digital age! In addition to this, we have seen in average that our partners increase their sales in more than 30% from online customers. The more customers you have, the more you profit. The more you profit, the more we profit. So partnering with us means that we will have a mutually beneficial connection where we are both interested in each other’s well-being. Double the growth at half the price! (Actually, much less than half).

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