Marketing your restaurant; your role

Here are a couple of tips to beef up your restaurant marketing plan.

Back when I was in university, my professor used to say that in order to survive, you need two things: marketing, and accounting. Marketing to get yourself money, then accounting to manage that money.

Sure, he said that, but not everybody manages to be experts in both marketing and accounting at the same time. For example, you yourself may be excellent when it comes to management, and cooking, and everything else restaurant-related, but maybe your marketing is a little off. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one. When you decided to open your restaurant, it wasn’t because you were good at marketing, it was because you were good at filling people’s hearts and stomachs. So now that your restaurant is open, you might be quite puzzled as to the best way to do your marketing. The truth is, marketing is a necessary part of your job role as a restaurant owner. In fact, marketing is a necessary part of every business owner’s job role, and one that every business owner may not meet.

Now, I can’t speak for all the other types of businesses, but as a restaurant, there are certain things you need to do to make sure that you draw in as many customers as possible. Unfortunately, drawing in customers isn’t cheap, and if you were to use the traditional methods to market your business then you would need a pretty huge marketing budget. This is where comes in. We have assisted over 1900+ restaurants all over Switzerland to grow both in terms of restaurants size and customer base, and we are willing to extend this same helping hand to you as well.

What are your current methods of getting orders? Of course, people coming into your restaurant. Then, maybe people ordering over the phone. But what about online? Do you have a presence online? If you do, how many orders do you get, versus the number of people actually ordering online?

Generally, when you open up your restaurant, you definitely would have thought of putting a huge sign to ensure that everybody can see your restaurant. So if you were to open up your restaurant online, you would also need an equally big sign. This “big sign” isn’t something that you can gain within a couple of minutes. To make sure that your sign is big, you need to make sure that your brand name is big, and it’ll most likely take you years using the traditional approach to get your brand name recognised among all the other big brands.

But what if were to tell you that within minutes you could get your restaurant exposed to 30% of the people in Switzerland? Yep, it’s true, has been used by 30% of the people in the country, and your restaurant will be exposed to all 30% of them the second you join up with us. Remember when I said that doing marketing in the traditional way is expensive? That’s because it is. If you were to go online, you would need a website, which means you would have to hire developers, content writers, and a mass of other people to get your website up and running. You would also need a certain amount of money to pay for advertisements in order to get people to discover your website. The website won't be enough. When people want to order on the go, they will most likely use their smartphones, which means you will also need an Android app as well as an iPhone app. You need to have separate developers for these as well, and once you’re done getting your marketing ready, you won’t have enough money for food!

Alternatively, if you sign up with us, you will immediately get your own microsite, as well as a complete endorsement on both our iPhone app and Android app. We will also promote your site on AdWords -Google-, Bing , Instagram and Facebook, as well as, of course, our site. On average, we spent a total of 1.000 CHF per year per partner in digital advertisement, at no cost to you. Basically speaking, we expose you online to a huge customer base, give you free advertisement, marketing advice, a presence both on our website and our mobile apps and put your brand name among other leading restaurants in the country.

Well, all this seems nice, doesn’t it? You’re probably wondering, “What’s the catch?” People aren’t this nice without reason. So I’ll tell you, there is a very good reason for us to support you. The more money you make, the more money we make, it’s mutually beneficial. If we support you in every way we can, your customers will be happy to order through us, which will make us a profit. Of course, when they order through us, you will be providing the food, which means you’ll be getting a bigger profit. It’s a win-win situation.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let me tell you a couple of other things we’ll do for you over time. We’ll co-invest with you on branding activities, print menus, flyers, packaging, and a lot more. We’ll also give you clearly visible board you can put on your window encouraging people to buy from you online. This way, if a person wants your food but happens to be quite rushed, he’ll gladly just order via The best part? Online customers are much more loyal than phone customers, and having your restaurant online will build trust both between your existing customers and any new customers that come along. As time passes and our bond grows stronger, we’ll start sending out vouchers and discount coupons to increase the loyalty of your current customers (we’ll assume all related costs). We’ll also expose your business online via our social media channels, as well as allow your customers to interact with our expert call centres, so you don’t have to.

So, what’s your role? Well, contact your territory manager, make sure you have the latest branding stickers, flyers, delivery bags, car advertisement, packaging and are using this elements in the correct way! Lets do more together, we want to help you grow!

P.S: if you’re thinking of joining us, and already happen to have a list of potential customers you would like to get on board your store, just send us the list, and we’ll send them an SMS on your behalf bundled with a discount to encourage them (also at our cost) to purchase from your store. We can also send them co-branded emails or mail them flyers the old-fashioned way, inviting them to be a part of your store. Just call us!

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