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Make your restaurant stick out… in a good way, of course! Learn why standing out is important, and which techniques are most effective in this ta...

Standing out is important, regardless of what business you are in. If you’re standing out from the rest of your competition, it means that you attract more customers, make more profit, make delicious food, which in turn attracts more customers, which makes more profits, which means that you have to get your food even more delicious. It's a vicious cycle, which benefits you, your customers, and pretty much the entire culinary world.

Now, there are certainly a lot of ways to make your physical restaurant stand out. Maybe you can have a massive logo right outside your restaurant, maybe you can make your prices exceptionally good, but I'm going to tell you about how you can make your restaurant competitive in the online marketplace.

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer who orders online, and see things from their perspective. The customer would type in their postcode and search for all the restaurants in their area, which will bring up yours along with many others. Considering the choices available to him, what can you do to ensure that the customer clicks on your restaurant specifically? How do YOU stand out?

There are quite a lot of methods to do this. If you were the customer and you were looking at five identical restaurants with identical food and identical pricing, you would give each restaurant an equal weight. Perhaps you might select the restaurant based on its name, or perhaps its logo, or maybe you’ll just select completely at random. Hoping your restaurant gets selected as random is never a good idea, so you need to have something the other restaurants don’t have. An excellent way you can stand out is by having no minimum order value. Since almost all your competitors would have a minimum order value, you not having a minimum will definitely make your restaurant stand out. It’s easy to imagine that if some guy who happens to be home alone wants to order a small pizza for himself, you giving him that opportunity will help him make up his mind.

Now I’m not just saying this to get you to set your minimum order amount to 0. Since our company is based on facts, I'll give you a statistic: restaurants without minimum order amounts get clicked on 20% more. Considering the number of visitors who come to our website, 20% is quite a huge value. Plus, look at things in perspective. When a customer calls you and orders over the phone, do you give him a minimum order amount? If not, then do the same online. It’s like we mentioned in a previous article; your online customers should be a higher priority than your phone customers.

Next, make your delivery free. Generally, we show the cost of delivery along with how long delivery takes, so you not having a delivery fee will immediately be noticed by anyone clicking into your page.

I know, you’re probably thinking that all this is too much. No delivery fee and no minimum order? How on earth are you going to cover your costs? Well, you can! By having a smart menu {{Link to article}}.

Bundle your dishes together so that the customer doesn’t have to worry about a minimum order amount, by buying a “meal” at good price, our customers might be tempted to order more! That way, when the customer checks out the restaurants in his area, he will notice that yours is the only restaurant without a minimum order amount and without a delivery fee. That will make him immediately decide to click on your restaurant, at which point you can show him the bundled offers which can help him come to a decision very quickly. More convenience for both him and you. The best part about this approach is that you can start within you own postal code (the customers that are near your restaurant). We guaranty you will increase orders at least by 20% and by starting a small test within you area, you can control the costs and verify if you want to extend to other areas!

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