Increasing sales in your restaurant

Here are a couple of tips on increasing your sales revenue as a restaurant in Switzerland

If your restaurant is up and off the ground and happens to be doing well, then it’s probably time you started thinking about ways to boost your sales. While you shouldn’t be a business that focuses ‘only on growth’ (which means basically keeping the lights turned off to save money while thinking of how you can move forward), continually finding different ways to increase your sales and grow as a business should be very high in your list of priorities.

This is one of the many areas we could help you with. In this current day and age, there are a ton of things to consider when searching for methods to increase sales. Just randomly deciding to purchase more floor space and make your kitchen space larger just because you heard someone say so, isn’t going to work. You need well researched, mathematically and scientifically backed up methods when considering how to move forward. Why? Because whatever method you choose to move forward in, it is inevitably going to require that you invest some money in it. If that particular option fails, then your money ends up being wasted. Repeat this a couple of times, and your business isn’t going to hold itself up for long.

But choosing to work with us as a way to boost your sales simply can never go wrong. Just ask the 1500+ restaurants across Switzerland affiliated with us! We have the ability to take your restaurant, regardless of its current size or income, and place it in the middle of the busiest street in the world: the internet. Once you join up with us, not only will our extensive customer base automatically transfer to you, but you will also get a ton of benefits. Forget about having to build your own iPhone and Android phone apps, because we got that covered for you. Forget having to stand in front of the streets trying to collect data to decide on your next move, because we'll provide you with the most accurate analytics relevant to your area. We’ll even personally come to your restaurant and help you decide what to do with the data we provide you!

If you have already joined up with us, then great! You're already on your way to success. But like I said before, you still need to search for more ways to grow, and we have them up here on Ensure that your food and delivery is top class, and you'll end up with a Local Hero Restaurant badge. Or you could think about opting in for top placement. When you opt-in for top placement, we will place your restaurant right at the top where the customer will see you easily. Restaurants with top placement generate more than 35% in sales, and you only pay for what you sell.

Whether or not you choose to rocket your sales with us, here are some pretty useful ways you can get there.

First off, you need to ensure that your staff is capable of handling a bit of marketing. It’s easy to think that your waiters as the people who just take the food from the kitchen to the table, but this is far from their real value. Your waiters are the primary point of contact between your restaurant and your customer, which makes them one of the most important people when it comes to increasing your sales. Your waiters should know how to upsell your customers in a polite and convincing way. You have no idea how much additional income you can gain if your waiters have the ability to gently recommend ‘something to go along with that fried chicken’. The easiest upsell are drinks, make sure that once the customer is sitting down you offer them a drink and wait for them to decide on the food, normally the profit margins on drinks are super high so it’s a good idea to start from there. Give them a couple of minutes to decide and have their drinks (gives you an excuse to sell them another drink). Your staff should be trained to recognize empty glasses as an opportunity to sell more drinks, they should react immediately to offer a new drink.

Next, you need to build up a couple of loyal customers. Getting repeat customers isn’t easy and requires your staff to be prepared in two things: identifying new customers and making sure you give them one hell of a time. Remember, you only have one shot to impress your new customer. Fail, and you miss out on anywhere from 25% to 125% increased profits.

Be smart with your staff. Give them flyers or vouchers they can hand over to your customer once they ask for the check. Get your customers to answer important questions, such as 'did you like the food', 'would you rather come back or order online' Ask them for a review online. Have an in-store competition, such as 'take a picture' and tag our store. Creating an Instagram account and having lots of followers or pictures is always a good strategy to push sales.

So those are a few ideas to get you started online.

You also need to find ways to increase your local SEO, which means the number of people who browse your restaurant online (perhaps via Google maps or Google street view), versus the number of people who actually walk into your restaurant. There are several ways you can do this, with joining up on being one of them. You should also make sure that your restaurant can be easily found on Google maps with relevant and updated information on it. Also, consider creating a virtual tour of your restaurant and linking it to Google Street view. It doesn't cost much and it's a one-time cost.

It’s also important to think “Offline”. What are you doing with your current customer base? It won’t matter that you gained new customers if you lost your existing ones. Think about using your local post office to send them vouchers, or perhaps a nice letter inviting them back, the old-fashioned way. Believe me, your customers will love the personal touch. If your staff has free time, they can always stick around the entrance and encourage customers into your shop. You can also use your delivery drivers to hand out flyers to neighbours when delivering food. Your delivery cars, are they branded? If not, consider it. Having branded vehicles will be useful both when the restaurant is open and closed. When you’re closed, park your branded cars in visible, high transit areas (this is free display advertisement). Instead of parking all the cars in front of the shop, strategically place them in high confluence places (on the entrance of a mall, near a busy street, in front of a university, etc…). You don’t have to go around throwing your money on expensive advertisement, just get creative and use the assets you already have to your advantage.

Once you carefully consider these points, you should straighten them out and decide which ones you’re going to implement. If you’re unsure, just talk to someone who has already been through the process.

Like us. We have bucket loads of experience. Join now and ask your territory manager for advice.

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