A thing or two about the odour in your restaurant

No one likes to eat in a restaurant that smells bad, so here’s how you can do restaurant odour control.

Ideally, your restaurant needs to have a smell that reminds people of fresh bread in the morning, which flows all throughout the restaurant and onto the street, which gets everyone’s appetites ready and their stomachs rumbling. Smell is one of the primary senses humans have, and not using this to attract more customers is quite a waste.

Not using this to attract customers isn’t a huge problem… not as much as using this to repel customers is.

As with everything, smell has a good side to it and a bad side to it. If your restaurant smells great and makes you decidedly want to start having a great meal, then that’s going to really help increase your customer base. But on the other hand, if your restaurant has a terrible odour, then you can believe that your customers aren’t going to stick around for long. What I’m saying is that while having a great smelling place is important for all types of businesses, it is especially important for restaurants. That is where people eat, and if there is something even slightly off about the smell/look/feel of the place, your customers are very unlikely to come back. So I’m going to focus on odours, like the smell of fat and grease that build up in your restaurant over time.

The reason why your restaurant may start smelling greasy is that you don't have a good air circulation system. This problem might be especially prominent during the winter, where you can’t open any windows, which means that the greasy smell will just keep worsening every day. Since our noses have the ability to adapt to any smell, you and your staff, may not notice it at all, but the customer walking into your restaurant might immediately get hit in the face with it.

Even if the customer doesn’t leave at that very point, it is very unlikely that he will want to stay for a long time in your restaurant. This means a decreased chance of upselling, which in turn ensures that you will have reduced profits. It isn't just the lack of customers that will have your profits reduced, you will also notice that your kitchen equipment will have very short life cycles.

If your air doesn’t circulate well, then the fat and grease will start to form a layer on top of all your equipment, counters, and everything else inside the restaurant. This means that eventually the grease will break down and lower the lifetime of all your equipment and encourage the growth of bacteria. Once you kitchen equipment breaks, you will have to replace it, and last time I checked, kitchen equipment were not cheap.

So it is clear that good air circulation in your restaurant is crucial for your profits. So what do you do about this?

The answer is quite uncomplicated; an air extractor. You need an extractor that has enough power to refresh the air in your kitchen at least 30 times per hour. To decide how much power you need to refresh the air in your kitchen, you just need to measure how many cubic metres your kitchen has, which will help you make the decision. Or, get any specialist company to come into your restaurant and take care of the whole operation. This is preferred since they would know exactly what type of air extractor you would need, and which position it would be best placed. Including carbon filters of ionisation is always a good idea when it comes to filtering the air.

If you think that getting a team of professionals to have an air extractor installed is expensive, I can assure you that you’re wrong. What is expensive is the number of customers who never come back, the number of customers that never reorder, the number of customers who will never recommend your restaurant to any of their friends, and the amount that you have to pay for new equipment year by year because of the layers of fat that accumulate. Put all this together, and you’ll have lost enough money to get multiple air extractors installed. So don’t make this mistake, it is costly. Very costly.

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