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A thing or two about the odour in your restaurant

No one likes to eat in a restaurant that smells bad, so here’s how you can do restaurant odour control.

Building customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty via customer loyalty programs. See which methods can get you the most loyal customers in the shortest amount of time!

Creating the perfect restaurant logo

Restaurant logo designs and ideas along with instructions on making the most visually appealing logo. Here on!

Dealing with hanger

Keep your delivery staff safe from hangry people with this handy guide.

Don’t ignore the special requests that come with your orders! Here’s why.

Avoid all issues with food allergies and late delivery times by following this simple guide.

Handling customers with food allergies

Keep you and your customers safe from food allergies using these simple steps.

How to create a good menu

Good menu ideas, designs, and advice on how you can build the perfect menu, it’s all here!

Improving kitchen productivity

How do you calculate the level of productivity your kitchen has? And why even calculate it?

Improving staff productivity

Have you considered all the factors that affect staff productivity? Here’s a guide.

Increasing sales in your restaurant

Here are a couple of tips on increasing your sales revenue as a restaurant in Switzerland

Making your restaurant stand out

Make your restaurant stick out… in a good way, of course! Learn why standing out is important, and which techniques are most effective in this ta...

Marketing your restaurant; your role

Here are a couple of tips to beef up your restaurant marketing plan.

Menu engineering

Create a smart menu that’s bound to increase sales and boost profits using modern data analytics.

Need more room to grow? We have all the room you need online!

Looking to expand your restaurant business? Bring it online with!

opening a restaurant

Want a restaurant opening checklist, or maybe a couple of ideas on getting your restaurant off the ground? We’re here for that.

Optimizing opening/delivery hours

Can’t decide on what your opening and delivery hours should be? Trust us to find you the best times for your restaurant, based on hard statistics...

prioritizing online customers

Which customers are the most important when it comes to helping your restaurant grow? Consider it all!

Ready to go old school with your marketing? Try talking to people

They say talking is a waste of breath, but what they don’t tell you is the great marketing you can do with it!

Scaling recipes

How do food measurements go up with food quantity? How do you decide what equipment to buy? We have the solution to all these problems!

Upselling on

What is upselling? And what are the best upselling techniques and skills you need to boost your profits?


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